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Nov 27, 2015

Behind friendly lines


  1. We had been at this very remote army outpost going on 3 months now. This was not the most accomodating place for a serious masturbation addict like myself. But these two guys with me here, the clothed one and the light muscle, are very attracted to me. And I have turned them on to the utter joys of excessive and public penis masturbation. Because our club is open to straight and gay alike, our goal is nothing short of turning every young male and officer here into serious penis masturbation addicts! We want this behavior to continue and expand when we all get home, believing world peace can be achieved if only guys would yank on their cocks all day. Another goal is for each of us to cum in our pants with no touching on a regular basis. And to be very proud of this, getting off on the humiliation of openly soiling ourselves with semen

  2. Our group is making wonderful progress! Our sessions now are so crowded, with nearly 100% participation by regular troops and officers alike, as all these beautiful young men have discovered the awesome joys of penis masturbation! Contests are now held for the young soldier and officer who can edge his penis the longest, without coming, all the while watching his favorite porno! The youngest soldiers are very proud to walk around totally nude at these events, which drive many of the older ones, especially the officers, and daddy types, to lust after them a lot! Of course, it doesn't help them win any of the contests, cause when the boys pose in front of them, teasing them, and often spreading their cheeks right in their faces, the older ones breathe in the boy's wonderful asshole smell, put their finger or fingers in the beautiful, tight, youth's hole. This will cause the older soldier, or officer, to lose complete control of his throbbing boner cock. This makes the boy feel very powerful, and he loves to be able to seduce the older one this way. The older's handsome tough military penis head will at these times start twitching violently, as it writhes, and strains and stretches to reach out and enter the youth's really sweet anus. The slit on this beautiful penis head will then open and close wildly, before taking a huge yawn, opening widely, no longer being able to keep down the rushing seed of the potent soldier. A mountain of healthy male cum will then come flying out of the handsome soldier's convulsing dick, and run all over his body, and down his lengthy penis, and drip in great spurts on his really round, and nice, young man balls. The youth will then close his ass cheeks finally, turn around, and his young penis will put on a show for the older. The boy's handsome young prick will twitch, and convulse, before his cute penis head loses control, and sprays his young cum for the mens pleasure. They hope to continue this homeland, through nude hangouts and orgies. It is their top goal once their deployments finish.

  3. You with my two friends here. Well, we are great buddies now. But at first, we didn't have anything in common, and could.hardly say two words to each other. We were all just hanging out there, looking at each other, and very bored. That is when I, pictured sitting on the right, decided to break the ice. I gave them a grin, and started to.slowly remove my uniform completely. They started to get excited, and smack their nice lips. I have always loved to hang out nude with other guys. My father introduced me at an early age to being naked around guys. With him, I always hung out nude with other older men and friends his age. These men were always so sweet with me, and they would bring their boys to hang out nude, as well. I was missing this practice so much in the army. The men and boys I hung out with before would all play with their penises in the open, and we all enjoyed each other's bodies vey much. We would caress, eat armpits, and suck on nipples, lick the balls, and play with each other's buttholes very nuch, fingering and eating them voraciously! With these two new army.buddies, I enjoyed revealing my body to them, which both obviously liked very much. They pulled out their beautiful penises from their army uniforms, and began wanking with me. I taught them the joys of having regular jerk off buddies. All our penises leaked a lot of pre cum, and all three gorgeous penises introduced their throbbing selves to each other. The penises, more than us as people, were the common language we spoke, and always the conversation starter. We never spoke to each other. It was always the penises which did all the communicating, and broke down all barriers, and eventually, the initial resistance of both these guy's buttholes, which after some prodding and pushing with my nice penis head, gave up the fight, and accepted with some fear my convulsing dick "Don't be afraid of it" I would tell them, eve though they were when they saw it really big, full of life and pre cum. I broke in both these guy's assholes, and it felt great! I pulled their uniform pants down from behind, leaving them on, and just below both their buttocks, so their holes would be extra tight for me. I fucked the one pictured standing over me, and I immediately pulled my raging cock out of his ass, and transferred it, right away, still very warm and gooey, into the hole of the handsome one pictured across from me. My penis head twitched so much, finally it's slit opening and closing so much, and then, peeling back and staying open, to spasm cum deep in the rectum. Both guys got this exact same treatment. And we sealed our friendship for life.



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