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Mar 21, 2014

Mar 6, 2014

Victory banquet

One of the greatest problem of raid warfare was the abominable treatment accorded captives and the young men who were vanquished. 

Dockside prostitution

Cash and whiskey was always the easiest way to share some time with young sailors.

Mar 2, 2014

Lynn, the insider.

The very cute Lynn wrote me this message :

"I am still in so much awe of your work!! It goes right through me, making me want to know you. I want to know so much about you. You are a mystery. Where are you. Where is your origin? What is your age? Do you have a husband? Do you have a boyfriend or a lover? I would love to be you husband, boyfriend, lover or even your whore, just to be near you! My asking you these questions does not mean an answer. It means 
I am just wondering who the man is with this wonderful gift that sees into my heart and soul and oftentimes, into my pants as well."

It's a very kind message and I don't know how to mess with it. In fact, I'm just wondering if any oher people like to know more about this facts. Because, I'm just Theodore Britanicus Blaze. Please, just Theo...

Fondling private

New recruit learns war and love
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