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Jan 25, 2014

Calendar seller knocks on the wrong door

The babysitter

Humbert Humbert hire a student to watch his lolita. But the young man was so cute than he offered him a drink...Then, it was more easy to strip him naked, fondle him and so on. Never drink with Humbert Humbert.

Jan 24, 2014

Ovid lost in his Tomis exile

- Please, Ovidius... what have you seen, this night, in Augustus' Palace ? Why are you here, alone and despair in this sad desolation ?
- It was a mistake... and a poem, but never, I said never, ask anything about that !
- I go back to Rome tomorrow. I will never ask you any question... and will never meet anybody to talk with you...

strictly obey the orders

Answered Prayers

Balanced dish

Jan 23, 2014

Get sucked and get better grades

A win win agreement for the selected students. And now, for this horny teacher dorms are like a very large meat-safe.

Checking fot drugs possession

In minoan society, cute athletic white boys are more checking than other.

Jan 22, 2014

Feeling considered

Young men don't know how to manage the fascination that older teacher have for them.

Ottoman sultan

He rules over a large empire. After he banishes girls from harem for obvious moral reasons, each village brings him a beautiful boy for his lascivious use.

Jan 21, 2014

Marriage proposal

- Will you marry me?
- What ? What ? I heard notinhg ! I HEARD NOTHING !
- H-hem ...Will you take off your socks before going in bed ?!
- Everethings you want, cheer ! I can put my red red silk pjs every night of our life !
- Ok.. maye be yes...
- So,  you said yes ?!
- h-hem.... Who's the best actor ?
- I don't know, but you'r certainly the silliest one...
- Ok, kiss me hardly !

Jan 20, 2014

Humiliated for cash

So, now you need money ? I remember that time in high school when you and your buddies laught at me because I was gay. Ok, I can help your family if you can be a great whore... take off your clothes, but slowy, we have all the time...

Obedient young toys

The new boss is a dirty gay old man who fired all the women and the ugly men. To keep their jobs, sales staff members take lot of blue pills.
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