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Nov 30, 2013

Aye Aye Sir !

Readdy to serve, Sir ! To be used and abused, Sir !

The wormsign of Dune

Tell me about the waters of your homeworld, Muad’dib.

Do you ?

- My god ! Austin... what...what are youd doing....?!
- Please, please Nick... Not kidding... I feel you're chilling like a high school's teen girl.... and you get hard like a hairy logger from canadian great wilderness...

Death in Venice

Gustav don't want a platonic despair. He looks for a hot and well endowed Tadzio.

Nov 29, 2013

House's secrets

When Mrs Sullivan received her friends for a tea party, bored Mr Sullivan goes to the basement to play with Medhi, the house boy of their ryad. Medhi don't like this too much but he loves bucks. After, he can strut his stuff with several girlfriends. Mr Sullivan stay alone as ever.

Advice for super heroes

To keep loyalty from your assistant, feed him regularly !


Some repost from my former tumblr

Preparing match

They use video camera for performance analysis of their cute adversaries

Sometime, some bargaining are necessary to be on the player list.

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